About Us

Split Oak Press looks for writing that tells us how to live, no matter who’ s doing the telling or who did the living. Death row inmates and revolutionary educators, untested writers and lifelong practitioners, uncertain lovers and belly dancing enthusiasts, those of proud heritage and those imprisoned by ethnicity, hopeless drunks and drunks who haven’t yet lost it, the uncompromisingly principled and those who are open for suggestions, the writer of unadorned prose and even the career poet all have things to say and things to teach. Everyone’s stories can be moving. We publish anyone who can write them that way.

Since we are a small, independent press, we have the luxury of enjoying this everyman experience intimately with each poet and author, working closely to hone their strengths, develop their aesthetics, and help bring their wisdom of living to bear, fully, on anyone reading. Our passion and our purpose is to bring otherwise unspoken lives to the audiences who need them.