#OakLeaf Contest Prompts

4/23/14: Write a short poem from the perspective of a plant.
Deadline to enter contest: Monday, April 28th by 5pm

4/9/14: Astrology began long ago, and continues today; create your own sign, horoscope, or cosmic view.
Deadline to enter contest: Monday, April 21st by 5pm
Winner: @DeliDelSontro

4/2/14: Write a haiku about memory. What is nostalgia? Can we ever remember things as they really were?
Deadline to enter contest:  Monday, April 7th by 5 pm
Winner: ‏@zimmer_vicky 

3/26/14: Your entry must be inspired by and use the word “cicada”, though it may not be about one.
Deadline to enter contest:   Monday, March 31st by 5 pm
Winner: @CGhegan