#Oakleaf Contest Winners

Past Oakleaf Contest Winners!


We will be bringing back our Oakleaf Contest as well as introducing some new contests! Contest winners will be featured on our blog as well as Facebook and Twitter. Here are some winners of our previous Oakleaf contests!

Winner 4/2/14 — Cicada Prompt:
Congrats @CGhegan (Caitlin Ghegan)!

Prayers for rain made our cracked lips bleed. Come autumn, the corpses of Cicadas were our only bumper crop.

Winner 4/9/14 — Memory Prompt:
Congrats ‏@zimmer_vicky (Vicky Zimmer)!

She remembered him / not as who he was but as / someone she had been

Winner 4/23/14 — Astrology Prompt:
Congrats @DeliDelSontro (Amanda Del Sontro)!

I was born under the death of a cartoonist: A cel-shaded lily of late April, blooming beside a bull.