Reviving the #Oakleaf Twitter Contest

Hello fans and followers of Split Oak Press!

We have decided to bring back the #Oakleaf Twitter Contest!

The design is to foster an online literary culture by inspiring clever works of prose that fit in the size of one tweet. We’re looking for the interesting and original entries that reverberate with honesty and integrity, evoking the humanity within each of us. The sign of beautiful writing is something difficult spoken simply. Responses can take any shape and form, be it poetry or flash fiction. 

The contest is open to anyone with a twitter account that follows Split Oak Press.

Entries must be original responses to the tweeted prompt and must be finished within the limits of one normal tweet.   

Awards: The winning entry will be published online on our blog (and/or website). There will be additional prizes for future contests, but nothing other than digital publication is promised, unless advertised.   

Submission Fee: It’s free to enter the contest, but users are only allowed one entry. You may not enter the contest multiple times with other usernames. In order to enter, you must retweet the writing prompt (it doesn’t matter if you retweet before or after you submit your work, but it must be done). In order for us to see your entry, you must include the hashtag #Oakleaf in your entry at the end.  

Timing: We will tweet the writing prompt Wednesdays. Entries are due the following Monday by 5 P.M.   

Judging:  The winner will be announced before the next writing prompt is tweeted. 

Note: If you have a photograph or an idea for a prompt, please send it to us and we will consider it!